This past week, my best friend's husband had some awful health issues occur landing him in ICU. The moment I heard, I was in tears. This could't be happening, he JUST turned 39! Currently Nathan is still in ICU under the care of some great nurses and Drs.

I am convinced that Nathan will pull through with a complete healing, but I was none-the-less terrified. My hubby is just a year younger than Nate. It just doesn't seem like this could be possible.

His wife, Cheryl, who has been my best friend since Junior High, is such an amazing woman! Strong in so many ways. God has already brought the two of them through some very difficult situations. They have an amazing ministry together and I don't believe God's done with them yet, as a matter of fact, I believe it's just going to get better!

Last night as I was crawling into bed...I couldn't help but think about her. She doesn't want to inconvenience anyone. I stayed with her the first night in Wichita...just because I wanted to be with her. I still do. I know she is staying with some dear friends in Wichita (though her parents and I only live about 40 minutes away). She is in good hands.  But, she has been like a sister to me. My hubby was telling me she was okay...and I know that...but my heart is so heavy for her.

My mind went back to the book "Choosing to See" by Mary Beth Chapman. She speaks of a night after the accident that she couldn't sleep and Steven was already asleep. She went into the other room and grabbed her best friend, brought her back into the room where Steven was sleeping and crawled back into bed. There Mary Beth slept snuggled between her life-mate and her best friend. That's what I want to be. I want to be the person who lays down everything for her friends.

I can't help but want to be the hospital...or just beside her...just to be with her! Because I love her! Since I can't be there 24/7, I will pray...every minute. For Nathan's healing, for Cheryl's peace, for wisdom for the medical staff, and for their kids...Zack, Skyler, Sage, and Kendall!

They are so loved and so very special to my family! They say blood is thicker than water...I think our water has turned to blood! We are truly sisters! Love you, Cheryl!

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