Sunday, June 12, 2011

Excitement IS...

I am getting ready for my next class and I am full of excitement!!

Excitement builds within me as I prepare to start my next class tomorrow! (I realize after writing several papers, that I use too many "be" a writer this is...hmmm....wiritng with "be" verbs is...whew...this IS harder than it looks!)

I know this new level of writing will win me some major brownie points with my professors...but it IS so not me! It IS difficult! How can I say that any other way? Really, I'm all about feedback.

As I edit my papers, I go to the "Find" tool in the "Edit" menu and search all forms of the word "be." It takes me approximately the same amount of time to edit those words out of my paper as it took me to write the entire paper.

Someday, I want to write. I don' not know if anyone will voluntarily read whatever it IS I write...but I know one thing...I will have learned a lot (did I say that correctly?).

But, back to the reason for my excitement! My little family will BE back together tomorrow...except for two whom we will miss. I love these gals like sisters of all ages and backgrounds. We have something in common, we're all in the same boat without an oar...going wherever God takes us!  And though we have no idea where that IS...we're we are all just fine with that!

Honestly Me-