A Nobody

I'm a nobody!

I attended a writer's conference this past weekend, and had a great time! I met a new friend...Sarah...she's so talented! Sarah, my sister and I attended workshops and Sarah and I met with editors/authors as we both aspire to "get out there" with our writing.

The first one-on-one...well, I was incredibly under prepared.

The second one...way boosted my ego! He laughed! He loved my writing! (Of course, I'm just starting, but...) He really seemed to "get" me! He encouraged me not only to develop my writing, but my speaking. Funny thing, I didn't even tell him I'm a licensed minister. You know what it feels like when you talk to someone you don't know and you just feel--good--after talking to them! That was me on Saturday early afternoon! I.felt.good!

Later, super stoked to meet with an agent...one who's been around the block...I thought,  I.got.this.in.the.bag!

I thought...

As he read my "work", I could sense he wasn't getting me! My outward smile turned fake as I tried to keep my composure. How could things have gone so wrong in a short moment? How could someone like me so much and someone not?

How could something I feel so strongly, not have come across...

I think all three of the one-on-ones told me at some point...if your name doesn't come up in a google search...basically...you're nobody!

Now, I know that sounds harsh, but I completely understood what they were saying. They weren't saying it in a mean way, just realistic for people who seek publication.

So, first thing this morning...I looked me up on google. And.sure.enough...I'm nobody!

There were other Kristi Singer's out there...just.not.me.

I kept clicking to the next search page-----nothing. More and more sad with each passing page... "Nobody?", I wondered, "How could I be nobody?"

Then, God reminded me of people like Esther, Mary, Moses, and so many other "nobodies" in the Bible.

God has plans for each of us. We all start as somebody to some people...but our nobody-ness can get in the way if we let it. God wants to use you...me...

Philippians 1:6 " being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." 

So, in the words of the old childrens' song, "He's still workin' on me."

I'm ok with my nobody-ness for now, so long as I am walking alongside the greatest Somebody there ever was!

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Sarah Crisp said...

Kristi-don't believe for a second you are nobody. I have to laugh when I remember your description of what the agent did with your work! Keep listening and following what the Lord wants for you. He can break through bronze and iron to accomplish His purposes! Ok...maybe corny, but I think it applies: "to the world you may be nobody, but to somebody you are the world!" I think I heard that somewhere!

Well, I think you're pretty special!

Kristi said...

Awww....thanks, Sarah! :) I have to laugh at myself...it was pretty comical. hehehe

Shannon Milholland said...

I am a fellow nobody (though blessed with a unique name so I get lots of Google hits) but am so thankful I know Somebody who always knows me.

On a side note, I once had an acquisitions editor tell me they needed thousands of google hits or they'd just throw your book proposal in the trash. In-tim-i-dat-ing!

(new follower from (in)courage)

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