National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month. Orphan Sunday was the first Sunday in November also.

Our family was called to adoption a long time ago. We knew while we were dating it was something we wanted to do.

If you have been following me for any length of time, you might have guessed by the pics that our little princess...well...may not have the same skin color as us. I wondered how long it would be before she realized that.

Two years ago she met a little friend who said to me rather curiously..."Are you her mommy?"

(Me) "Yes! I am!"

(Her) "She has brown skin."

(Me) "Yes, she does."

(Her)....(Pondering) "I have white skin."

(Me) "Yes! I see that."

(Her)...(Pondering) "My mommy and daddy have white skin, too!"

(Me)...(with a little laughter) "Yes. That's typically how people do it."

We went on to discuss that Mia was from China and she became our daughter when we went to get her.

Mia was 2 1/2 years old at the time. About a year later, at a school function, we passed by a little Asian girl and Mia said, "Mommy! She looks like me!"

She realized she looked different. It didn't make her sad or uncomfortable. She. just. knew. And yet, she called me mommy!

We speak often of her differences. Not to point out that she is different...but that God made her differences beautiful.

So many wonderful things have happened because of her. One of those things is meeting other families who have adopted. Another is getting to encourage others going through the process.



I wonder, in what ways do I resemble God? My Heavenly Father... Though I may not look like him do others know I am His Child?

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jamiejoy said...

What an awesome story that your family has unfolding inside of it! Many parents who have adopted have told me about how much they have learned about the heart of God who has adopted us into His family through the process. I love hearing about it through your eyes!

Bryan said...

My wife and I have discussed the possibility of adoption someday and are always encouraged by the stories of those who answer this important call.

Kristi said...

Thanks Jamie! it has definitely been a journey! And, Bryan, if you ever have any questions about adoption send me an email. My husband and I love to share with others and encourage them in their journey!

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