10 Things About Me

A few friends have done this and I thought it would be a good way for you to get to know me!

So here goes...

10. I am most comfy in my pjs or "stretchy pants" (thank you Nacho Libre!)

9. I am a "messy!" I have piles....please don't mess with them, I know exactly where everything is...almost!

8. I have a LOT of books that I would like to read...some day!

7. I LOVE a Caramel Macchiato, thanks to my sister for getting me hooked several years ago. I wish I could truly duplicate this at home...but have not found a way...yet!

6. I have the ability to make new friends quickly! Much to the dismay of some family and current friends. They just don't understand there are so many people to talk to...so little time!
(Here are some of my friends...and various hairstyles!)

5. I would LOVE to take GREEK & HEBREW!!! I know...I'm crazy! I love word studies!

4. I have started writing a book & would like to be published...someday.  I would like to write several...they are already in my mind...now I just have to get them on paper. The first book I ever thought of writing was 50 Inexpensive Gifts to Get Your Wife!...wanted to help my hubby out!
(Can you tell what Love Language I am?)

3. On a cool day, like today, my favorite food would be a bowl of tomato soup with a bologna & cheese sandwich for dipping...but I haven't had bologna in many, many years, so I'll take a grilled cheese!

2. I try every few months to "come off of" coca-cola! I do a pretty good job until I lose all willpower and "hit the styrofoam" again!

1. I am secretly jealous of all my friends who have cute pictures on their blogs...so I thought I would be creative too. (I downloaded them from Yahoo! Images!) Seriously, though...I can't take a good picture to save my life!

That is me...today...I sit writing this in my pjs...I had to get up early today...and I haven't yet had my morning coke...and it's almost 10 am!! So, gotta run...

Dreaming Big-

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shari lynne said...

So Cute Kristi! Love your blog!
Thanks for sharing yourself!

Kristi said...

Thanks Shari! Sometimes, I am convinced I share too much!! :) I had to force myself to stop at 10!

shari lynne said...

That's a great gift..I too sometimes share a little too much..oh well..that's who God made us to be..right:)

Joanne Bischof said...

I can so relate with the good intentions of getting off soda. Like you...I seem to manage to do it every so often ;)

Kristi said...

People say it's all about willpower...I say it's all about wanto!!

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