About Me

I am an imperfect child of the King, on a life-long journey to be more like Him. I'm so far from perfect and want you to understand that even though you are too, Jesus loves YOU!!!! He wants to use you in ways you could never imagine! I'm a licensed minister and just graduated with my MA in Christian Ministry.

One of those funny self-portraits...


I am married to my best friend...but don't let that fool you...our marriage isn't perfect either...it's a work in progress! That being said, I wouldn't want to work at it with anyone else! "He completes me!" 

He rarely behaves!!

But, I love that about him!

I am a mom...and I love it! I have four of the most amazing children!! Perfect?? Nope...but amazing and wonderful! I wouldn't trade any of them for anyone else! 


my thinker, loves to sing! He is highly opinionated...a bit like his mom! He is also pursuing full-time ministry. 


my military man, is tender and creative. He's a member of the Civil Air Patrol and loves all things airplane related. 


my sports fanatic, is the comedian of the bunch! He loves football and making people laugh! 


She is quite the Diva; spoiled to the core. God hand-picked her for our family. She is spunky, fearless, and loves her boys! 

These four beautiful kids are God's gift to us! 

This is our crazy life!
(At 5'8", I used to feel tall...)

I am a speaker and advocate for broken women and children. Someday, I would like to be a published author...cause I'm crazy enough to believe that is something God wants me to do! I am blessed!