Why is temptation so hard to overcome?

This past week was so full of temptations...they were everywhere...

For a girl trying to cut sugars (and I don't mean kisses) out of her daily routine,
this time of year is truly difficult. All of my favorites...chocolate clusters, fudge, pies, fruit salads.

I stepped on the scales at my mother-in-laws and decided from the first day there, I had already blown it...so why not indulge. I tried to be good...honest...there were times I just couldn't help myself. Those peanut clusters were SCREAMING my name...every time I walked into the kitchen!! Since December 1st, I've only had one coke! THAT'S A MIRACLE!!! It's just all the other "eating" that seems to be hard to just say NO to!!

Paul talked about a "thorn in his flesh." (2 Cor. 12:7) I've always wondered what that was for him. Though I'm sure it's not important WHAT it was, some believe it to be a sickness, others believe it to be temptation...whatever your belief...it kept him close to God!

Matthew 26:41 says, "Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak."

God knew we would face them...Jesus gave us a way out. He faced all sorts of temptations...and overcame them. I'm not so great at that...at least that's the way I feel.

Sometimes, our temptations, like food...seem so small.
Sometimes though, we face larger than life temptations...making it near impossible to turn your heart and head away from.
It can be so unbearable at times...you feel like you can't breathe.

What temptations do you face?
Do you put yourself in a position (i.e.: in the kitchen) that makes it hard to turn away?
How much crying out to God do you do to keep yourself free from giving in to that temptation?

Whatever you face today! Turn to God...let Him help you overcome! He is able!
Sunday Snapshot

Today (because yesterday was nuts) I am writing my Sunday Snapshot! 

I choose, today to write about my 3rd born son, Jordan.

Look at that cute face!

Jordan was a surprise to me...not a mistake...nope! Most definitely part of God's plan for our lives. I just wasn't expecting to find out I was pregnant when my middle son was 4 months old. 

Jordan came into our world with a comb-over! He had a TON of hair! He still does!! 
A hairdresser told us one time Jordan had more hair per square inch of his head than anyone 
he had ever seen. :) Wish I had a picture handy to put here so you could see the nearly 5 inches we cut from the top of his head at 10 months old! 

Jordan is...well...

shall I say...

somewhat of a clown??

He wants to be an actor...seriously!

This kid wants to be famous someday! 
And, I'm totally ok with that...
so long as he uses it for God's glory!!

He has always been a snuggler!

One who demands your attention!

He is still VERY MUCH this way!
While watching a family movie you will most likely find him sitting on his daddy's lap!

Did I mention these pictures were all taken years ago...he is now 11!
This is Jordan now!

When he found out we were planning to adopt, he.was.not.a.fan!
Quite angry actually! 
But we prayed!

He didn't want to lose his position as the baby!
You see, not much would change for Mason, the first born,
or Evan, the middle child.

But, Jordan...he felt he would no longer be the baby!

I knew when God had changed his heart!
He asked me one day,
"Mom, when we get Mia, can I bring her to school for show-n-tell?"

That's how I knew
God had changed his heart.
And to this day,
he is the one who watches her the closest,
gets frustrated with her the most,
but babies the "new" baby for sure!

This is one of my favorite pictures.

Taken in the hotel room in China.
Look at that! 
She adored him!
Trusted him completely...
after only 4 days!
He was smitten!

Even though he is no longer a momma's boy
he still snuggles with me some.
Not as much as with dad
but that's ok.

I'm so thankful that our kids 
have a wonderful relationship
with their dad.
It really shows in Jordan!
My baby boy...forever!

He's my favorite!
I hope he knows that!

This is my last post in a series on keeping the real meaning of Christmas.


And Many Christmas Blessings to you and your family.
Sunday Snapshot

Today, I write about my second born, Evan!
He was God's gift to us after two heart-wrenching miscarriages.

(Evan several years ago! Love that little face!)

He has always had the most amazing smile and laugh!
When he was a toddler and absolutely adorable with his belly laughs,
my husband and I would say, "There's just something so special about this kid!"

He has always had a love of sport of all kinds.
I don't know if it's our (his dad and I) fault
or if it's just as God intended, but as much as he loves them
he doesn't get the opportunities to play like we think he should.
(But, I am a biased parent!)

Today, however, he played a sheep in the Christmas play.
I want you to understand that this child is twelve and a helper in 
Children's Church. 
One of our younger students who was going through some 
custody changes was unable to continue his part, so Evan willingly stepped in.

I know he would absolutely hurt me if he knew I was 
posting this picture, but I just want you to understand what
an amazing child he is.

Do you see that tall kid in the midst of all the shorter ones, yep! 
That's him!
He ended up with a lead part in the play...wearing a sheep costume
to pull his weight and help where he could...and he did a great job!

Most kids his age would N.E.V.E.R. consider doing this,
but Evan jumped right in.

Evan has a heart of gold.
He is tender, tender, tender.
He can be laid back,
or high octane.
And sometimes both within moments.

He loves Jesus and everything compassion.
It's simply because he is compassionate.

This year we have seen Evan grow up in ways
we wondered we would ever see. 

You know, it's that year...7th grade!
My oldest went through it...
it's transformational!

I cannot WAIT to see what the next few years have in store!
His sweetness makes me smile! 

There are so many reasons why I love him...

he's my favorite!
I hope he knows that!

Go on over to Energizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports to see my latest guest article in her Featured Friday!

I have enjoyed the opportunity to write for Marina!

Next Friday will be my last in the series, but while you're there check out the rest of her blog! She's got some great stuff over there!

Psalm 40
1 I waited patiently for the LORD; 
   he turned to me and heard my cry. 
2 He lifted me out of the slimy pit, 
   out of the mud and mire; 
he set my feet on a rock
   and gave me a firm place to stand.
3 He put a new song in my mouth, 
   a hymn of praise to our God. 
Many will see and fear 
   and put their trust in the LORD. 
4 Blessed is the man 
   who makes the LORD his trust, 
who does not look to the proud, 
   to those who turn aside to false gods.  
5 Many, O LORD my God, 
   are the wonders you have done. 
The things you planned for us 
   no one can recount to you; 
were I to speak and tell of them, 
   they would be too many to declare.
6 Sacrifice and offering you did not desire,
   but my ears you have pierced; 
burnt offerings and sin offerings 
   you did not require. 
7 Then I said, "Here I am, I have come-- 
   it is written about me in the scroll.
8 I desire to do your will, O my God; 
   your law is within my heart." 
9 I proclaim righteousness in the great assembly; 
   I do not seal my lips, 
   as you know, O LORD. 
10 I do not hide your righteousness in my heart; 
   I speak of your faithfulness and salvation. 
I do not conceal your love and your truth
   from the great assembly. 
11 Do not withhold your mercy from me, O LORD;
   may your love and your truth always protect me. 
12 For troubles without number surround me;
   my sins have overtaken me, and I cannot see. 
They are more than the hairs of my head, 
   and my heart fails within me. 
13 Be pleased, O LORD, to save me; 
   O LORD, come quickly to help me. 
14 May all who seek to take my life 
   be put to shame and confusion; 
may all who desire my ruin 
   be turned back in disgrace. 
15 May those who say to me, "Aha! Aha!" 
   be appalled at their own shame. 
16 But may all who seek you 
   rejoice and be glad in you; 
may those who love your salvation always say,
   "The LORD be exalted!" 
17 Yet I am poor and needy; 
   may the Lord think of me. 
You are my help and my deliverer; 
   O my God, do not delay.

1.) What pit have you been lifted from or do you need to be lifted from?
2.) Do you trust God totally...for everything you have need of? Is there something you need to trust him for now?
3.)Have you figured out God's will for your life? (This is a tough one!) How do you know if you are living in his perfect will? 
4.) God is your deliverer! What do you need from him today!
5.) Thank Him for all He has done and all He will do! He loves you so much!

Today I'm working on a paper for a class. The subject matter is "Walking with the Poor" based on the book (same name) by Myers.

If you are the least bit interested in missions...this is a great book. It is eye opening in many areas.

Here is one of my favorite quotes out of the book,

"At the end of the day, the poverty of the non-poor is the same kind of poverty as the poor, only differently expressed. The poverty of the non-poor is fundamentally relational and caused by sin. The result is a life full of things and short on meaning. The non-poor simply believe in a different set of lies. The only difference is that the poverty of the non-poor is harder to change. 'A bank account and abundant diet somehow (I cannot explain it quite satisfactorily) insulate man from coming to feel the primary truth of history" (Koyama 1974, 23). This is what Jesus was trying to say when he compared a rich man getting into the kingdom as a camel trying to go through the eye of a needle."

How do you view the poor around you?
Do you sense your own poverty at any level when confronted with the poverty of others?
What do you do for those impoverished in your community?

Just a Tuesday Tidbit...
Sunday Snapshot

Today...I could write about many things...but I've decided to write about my oldest son...Mason!

Mason is 15.
Very handsome!
(Hair's a little long...)
Can sing beautifully...
which is why he's all dressed up!

He's in a vocal group at school called Viking Voices.
He tried out and made it!
He's so talented!
He sings everyday...a lot!
He sings high.
He sings low.
He sings fast.
He sings slow.

He's a lot like his father!
In looks...
When he was still in my tummy,
I had a sonogram.
I knew right away 
he was his father's son!
Because Tim has this little round
place on the end of his nose.
From the sono pics
I could tell Mason had it too! 

I have had the privilege of being 
Mason's mom and though I'm not
perfect and neither is he...
we share a lot of commonalities.
Right now, we are sitting on the same couch,
snuggled up, watching ELF...
and laughing hysterically.
Just because...we love to laugh together!
He's my favorite!
I hope he knows that!

Love you Mas!

Several years ago, while working for a friend, I shared that some day I would like to write a book. One unsuspecting day, she came through the door and shared that she had been awakened in the middle of the night. and not able to go back to sleep she was reading and praying. She said she had received a divinely inspired idea on a book I should write. I thanked her and tucked it away. It was a great idea...but not one that I felt was one that I would ever really write. I really just had no desire to write it to be honest with you. 

The idea was based on the Scripture found in Ephesians 6: 10-18. It is a great subject, I just wasn't sure it was where I was headed. This year, I returned to school to obtain a Master's Degree. I began to see small puzzles of my life coming together. In all this, I read and wrote a project on Adoption/Orphan Care which is close to my heart. In doing so, time after time I came across these words, "it's war!" And so, I had a talk with God on the 4 hour drive home after the class. 'God, this is WAR!!' I had started feeling that writing a book would be a great idea...something I was supposed to do! As I wrestled with which idea to start with, I came across this one again. "But, God! This isn't something that 'fits' in my vision!" And He quickly brought me back to the Scripture. The subheading reads, "The Armor of God." 

War...Armor....War......Armor........War......... Are you getting the picture? The two go hand in hand! 

And so, over the next, well...few months...I will break down the passage...hoping to show how we women need the full armor of God in our lives because we are in a full-on battle. The devil comes like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour! This is WAR! If we're gonna fight for our marriages...our children...our God-given purpose of reaching others...we're gonna have to suit up! 

So, today's segment is just this...

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints." Ephesians 6:10-18

I'll be back next week! With another Saturday Segment!

Today, I'm embarking on a new journey.
Everyday I intend to sit down and write.
Different subjects.
Different reasons.
Different ways.


Whatever I can to help me create a habit of writing.

But, why? What's my purpose? After reading a blogger-buddy's blog about Stepping into Your Calling, I was encouraged to really step in! So, why? Because I feel that God wants me to! Simple, yet compelling.

I have wanted to write for a long time, but haven't had the courage. Maybe I'm not talented enough. What if I'm not a "good" writer? Do I write for people to read my stuff...or do I write because God has given me something to write. Yes! I write because I have things on my heart...and.I.must.write.

That simple.
So, here's to obedience...and listening to the voice of God...and writing.

Have a good great Friday!!

Dreaming Big-

I am once again honored to write as a guest blogger for Marina's Featured Fridays.
Join me over the next 3 Fridays as we find reminders of the true meaning
of Christmas!

Many Blessings!
Have a great Friday!!

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