Sunday Snapshot

Sunday Snapshot

Today, I write about my second born, Evan!
He was God's gift to us after two heart-wrenching miscarriages.

(Evan several years ago! Love that little face!)

He has always had the most amazing smile and laugh!
When he was a toddler and absolutely adorable with his belly laughs,
my husband and I would say, "There's just something so special about this kid!"

He has always had a love of sport of all kinds.
I don't know if it's our (his dad and I) fault
or if it's just as God intended, but as much as he loves them
he doesn't get the opportunities to play like we think he should.
(But, I am a biased parent!)

Today, however, he played a sheep in the Christmas play.
I want you to understand that this child is twelve and a helper in 
Children's Church. 
One of our younger students who was going through some 
custody changes was unable to continue his part, so Evan willingly stepped in.

I know he would absolutely hurt me if he knew I was 
posting this picture, but I just want you to understand what
an amazing child he is.

Do you see that tall kid in the midst of all the shorter ones, yep! 
That's him!
He ended up with a lead part in the play...wearing a sheep costume
to pull his weight and help where he could...and he did a great job!

Most kids his age would N.E.V.E.R. consider doing this,
but Evan jumped right in.

Evan has a heart of gold.
He is tender, tender, tender.
He can be laid back,
or high octane.
And sometimes both within moments.

He loves Jesus and everything compassion.
It's simply because he is compassionate.

This year we have seen Evan grow up in ways
we wondered we would ever see. 

You know, it's that year...7th grade!
My oldest went through it...
it's transformational!

I cannot WAIT to see what the next few years have in store!
His sweetness makes me smile! 

There are so many reasons why I love him...

he's my favorite!
I hope he knows that!

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mdtilton said...

He was my pride today...even with my own child on the platform-Evan brought tears to my eyes. He showed his true spirit today and it was beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Awww, sweet post! He did great! I didn't realize he wasn't supposed to be the lead! He was awesome! :)

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