3 years ago, my family had been home for a couple of months and was settling in to a new life. Life with a beautiful baby girl...all the way from China! If you haven't seen our video you can follow the Adoption tab at the top of this page.

Our lives were forever changed...for the better. And our hearts forever drawn to adoption. Though we have decided that we are officially "done" adding to our family, we will always advocate for orphans and those who need a forever family! Many of these precious children are special needs children! God loves them so much that He has created an amazing group of people who adopt, advocate, and share adoption in order to get them home.

We have some friends just like that.

They are in a word...called!

Called to adopt!

How many...the total remains to be seen...but currently...TWO!!! Now, mind you, they already have 3 beautiful babies at home! Natural born...but loved no more or less than the little boy and girl awaiting their arrival in China!

If you've ever adopted, you've quite possibly heard, "born in our hearts." It's true! Though these children are not birthed by us in a natural way, God births them in our hearts in a supernatural way!

We have had the privilege of walking through the "process," "paper chase," and heart-wrenching wait. We have watched them grow in their faith and trust in a God who can call you a world away to love children that you do not know...have not held. And they aren't the only ones who love these kids. I can't WAIT for them to get them home!!!

They are also in a mad rush to raise the rest of their funds!! And as you can read on their blog...have had some supernatural interventions. Currently, they have a give-a-way going iPad!!! Oh yeah....I wanna win this!!!  :)

If you would like to help them, please visit their site and share the opportunity with your friends and family! It is such an amazing feeling to help bring these babies home!! Won't you help! Your reward...seeing these children grow and thrive in a loving, Christian home! And you never know how God will bless you!!

Dreaming Big!

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