Wednesday Wisdom

What holds importance in your life?

Getting into the Word?

It does for me...but I couldn't always say that.

For years, I have beat myself up over the fact that I "failed" (and miserably) at reading through the Bible in a year. I can just about quote Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and part of Deuteronomy to you...but that's where I trail off. 

Look, a butterfly!! 

My family, friends, and husband have to chase me through a few rabbit holes before I get to the point. And they try to tell me lovingly..."Focus! Focus, Kristi!" 

It's just who I am! It's how God created me. 

Unfortunately the stinkin' devil knows my...shall I say...personality...all too well. He also knows I tend to be a bit hard on myself. 

Easily distracted...and always quick to jump at a self-beating. That's me!

So, what does that mean for someone who has a hard time with spiritual disciplines.

A life full of discontent and self-abuse. 
A constant feeling of failure.
A facade.

I just wanted to succeed. Every year, I would grab a "Bible Reading Guide" from the table in the foyer. Pray over it and determine that "THIS would be MY year!" 

I wanted to do it...B.A.D.

But, I didn't get it. I would read, rather slowly, my allotment of chapters for the day...and at the end...wonder what I had just read. There were times I truly felt that I had gotten something from that day. But, most of the time, it was just a checkmark...on my reading guide. Sometimes, at the end of the month...January, February, March...I would put a BIG X through the whole month!! I was so proud!


Until last year. I learned a lot about myself; who God created me to be and that HE thought I was pretty great! Not because I'm better than anyone else...just because...He.Loves.Me. I'm not a failure. AND, I'm a bit too hard on myself. 

What did I intend to gain? 
An A+?

...or a mark on my guide?

I know this may sound a bit strange, but I had grown up around this stuff my whole life! I was BORN on a SUNDAY!!! Hello!! But, I had a hard time getting it! I'm...uuhhmmmm....38 now! I think it's about time for me to get it! 

Thank heavens for David Wilkerson's ministry! Seriously!! You might be laughing at me by now, but it was something I received in the mail from his ministry that changed me!

Promise Calendar 2011!

It's nothing world shattering...or especially beautiful! 
It's just a little book. 
It's small. 
A 2011 calendar. 
That's it.

Except each day listed a Scripture, or a few. 

I began to read through these on a daily basis. 


It seemed like each day...those verses spoke directly to my life. 
It was EXACTLY what I needed!! 
I loved it! 

Couldn't live without it! 
Took it EVERYWHERE I went! 



That's right! December 31st...I marked the last day off. 

I almost cried. 
I was so sad, yet happy at the same time. 

This little bitty piece of a ministry...blessed me more than I could effectively tell you!


We? and God. You see, He allowed me to understand it's not about the amount of verses or chapters I read. 
It's just that I read. 

I found more times than not, I couldn't read just that ONE verse or the FEW listed. I had a DESIRE to read more. 

So, for some reason, mine didn't come in the mail this time...I had to ask for one to be sent. 

And I can't wait to have it in my hands. 

To read what God has for me this year! 

Someday, I hope to succeed at reading through the Bible in a year! Really! 
But that will not be this year!

I'm happy meditating on the moments I have in God's Word. 

Not because I HAVE to...

but because I WANT to!

For more information about the Promise Calendar, you can visit the World Challenge website.
If you would like one mailed to you, send them an email! 

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Debbie said...

We are always blessed when we make time for God's word.

Audry Cece said...

Awesome, awesome! I need to start memorizing me some scripture!!

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