Sunday Snapshot

Sunday Snapshot

Today...I could write about many things...but I've decided to write about my oldest son...Mason!

Mason is 15.
Very handsome!
(Hair's a little long...)
Can sing beautifully...
which is why he's all dressed up!

He's in a vocal group at school called Viking Voices.
He tried out and made it!
He's so talented!
He sings everyday...a lot!
He sings high.
He sings low.
He sings fast.
He sings slow.

He's a lot like his father!
In looks...
When he was still in my tummy,
I had a sonogram.
I knew right away 
he was his father's son!
Because Tim has this little round
place on the end of his nose.
From the sono pics
I could tell Mason had it too! 

I have had the privilege of being 
Mason's mom and though I'm not
perfect and neither is he...
we share a lot of commonalities.
Right now, we are sitting on the same couch,
snuggled up, watching ELF...
and laughing hysterically.
Just because...we love to laugh together!
He's my favorite!
I hope he knows that!

Love you Mas!

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