I Will What?!

Taking time to absorb Psalm 119 is well worth it! I have read it before, but this time I see it from a different angle. I was amazed at the number of verbs in this passage relating to the Word of God, His Law, His Decrees.

When we read and study the Words of our God, we are not just to read and study! Let me throw some verbs out to you...

  • Walk 
  • Keep 
  • Seek
  • Obey
  • Consider 
  • Learn 
  • Live 
  • Hide 
  • Recount 
  • Rejoice 
  • Meditate
  • Delight
  • See 
  • Consumed
  • Understand
  • Choose
  • Hold fast
  • Run 
  • Follow
  • Long for 
  • Trust in 
  • Hope in 
  • Sought out
  • Speak of 
  • Love 
  • Lift up 
  • Do not turn from 
  • Remember
  • Find comfort in
  • Practice
  • Promise to obey
  • turned my steps
  • Hasten to obey
  • I will not forget
  • Believe in 
  • Have not forsaken
  • Will Ponder
  • Gain Understanding from 
  • Have regard for 
  • Stand in Awe of...
All of these verbs are directed at God's Word, His Laws, His Decrees... I'm sure these are not the only ones...I probably missed a few more...

I encourage you to read through Psalm 119. What might God be asking you to do? What verbs stand out to you? Don't just read it...act on it!

Dreaming Big-

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