Tonight in youth, Tim talked to the kids, as he does at least once a year, about wearing masks. 

In the end, each student received a mask and a Sharpie Marker. 
The purpose was to draw or write on the mask the things they hide behind. 

One of the girls gave hers to Mia! Sweet huh?? 

They look cute and harmless...


A few (five) brave souls got up to speak...this is some of what I heard...

--favorite coach died/was killed
--out-of-control autistic brother who becomes violent
--divorced parents/doesn't hear from dad
--doesn't really know who they are because they wear so many masks
--pretends to have a perfect family...but doesn't
--wants everyone to believe it doesn't matter what others say about them...but it does
--bullied almost everyday
--rumors spread about previous relationships
--pretends nothing hurts...but it does
--says to themselves--Just Get Over It!...(but obviously haven't)
--accidental death of Grandma--no one wants to talk about it
--family tension
--two-year relationship ended & having a hard time moving on 
--covers up emotion with friends so they don't have to answer questions

That's just what I remember!

That was 5 out of 36...

My heart hurts...

If we would just take 5 - 10 minutes with these kids...and really care about their world...our problems might not seem so crazy!

When was the last time you looked deep into yourself and found the real you...and shared with someone who you really are? When was the last time you took time to listen to someone else? Really listen...not rushed or in passing...but.really.listened?

Just wondering...

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