On the agenda today!

I really want to write today! 
I really wanted to start early and get some good stuff going...but I have a 4 year old! 
Anyone with me?  

I tried to take a picture of myself! I think I might need a new profile picture on my Twitter account since my exchange son told me I looked beautiful!! And about twenty years old....  
On second thought! Why ruin a good thing??

This started a frenzy of picture taking! First on my phone...
Below is just a sampling...trust me...she's a Diva...there were so many more!!

Yes, I know...how could one so innocent be so....

Next we tried the computer!

Look at the green dot, Mia!!

No! Look up Mia! At the GREEN dot!

Oh nice! Not, "lift your head...your EYES!"

One more time...

Well...this is as good as it gets! For us anyway...

I step away from the computer and the Diva takes over!

Yes...she did that on purpose! Beautiful forehead, huh?

This is how we most often see her...mouth open!

I did NOT teach her that!
Many thanks to the boys!

Her words here, (and I'm not kidding) "HALLELUJAH!"

Oh yeah...I'm a cool cat!

Really there were about 50 more, but you get the picture.
Pun completely intended!

This is my life during the day...
and I love it!

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