There is a LOT of wasted time here...

Insight number 2...from Ira...

Our schools have a LOT of wasted time!!

You see, apparently in China, when they do school...THEY DO SCHOOL!!!

Ira typically has 8 "Lessons" a day...40 minutes long. These are lessons (classes) that are pre-selected. (Now, mind you, he attends a boarding school...that puts out amazing kids!!) After each lesson is a 10 minute passing period. From 7-9 pm every day of the school week, they have "study hours" where NOTHING but studying is done! :)

The have FEW "holiday" breaks from school during the school year...and their summer vacation is 2 months long.

So, when Ira found out that we were off on a Friday, for, of all things, Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival, he was dancing like a little kid. A few days later we struck up a conversation about Thanksgiving and I told him it was going to be a HUGE feast and all my relatives would be in! He said, "Holiday? You get that day out of school?" No, Ira! WE GET 3 DAYS out of school!!! He shook his head in bewilderment and laughed and clapped. Once again, we had made his day.

So I said, "Ira! Come with me!" I took him to the calendar where I began to point out ALL the many days we have out of school! He laughed and laughed and laughed!!!  And then I showed him the last day of school and he could not get over the fact that we have nearly 3 1/2 months!!

I just counted the days off...26!!  That's another entire month of classes!!!  I'm beginning to wonder about this school thing... It's no wonder why so many parents are turning to homeschooling...they can get so much more done...

Ok...let me go back to the "wasted time" tid-bit...

During our talk about the "daily lessons" Ira explained that only in dire emergencies are they allowed to leave the class. He just couldn't understand why we would have a 5 minute passing period that barely allows time to go to your locker and cross the high school, much less go to the rest room. He explained that this is wasted time. "You have longer classes, but the students are allowed to leave simply by signing a book. They miss a lot of instruction!" Hmmm....there's a thought! He continued by stating his shock that students were allowed to "sit and chat, listen to music or play on their iPod."

Yes, Ira...interesting isn't it!! And we wonder why we are having to offer required "core math" during the Jr. High years to get the kids up to speed on their math for the state assessment! Very interesting!! Truly, an eye-popping insight!!

That's all for now!...Lest I waste more time!

Just me-

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