Mommy, why is Jesus looking for us?

This is a very special week in our house.  My Mia ShyAn Xin "let" Jesus come into her heart! YIPPEE!!! Really you have no idea how excited I am!

Saturday evening as I put her to bed, I asked her if she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart. We've had this conversation a few times. Sometimes she acts like she is thinking about it but is not sure. Sometimes she says "No, not yet" very sincerely. But this evening she said, "Nope!" very matter-of-fact. When I asked why, she honestly said, "Cause He doesn't like me".  I was nearly heartbroken.  How is it that you can sing Jesus Loves Me every night to a 3 year old, take her faithfully to Sunday School, Children's Church and MPACT girl's club and she doesn't think that Jesus likes her? Now, mind you, she is quite the Diva! She comes up with stuff all the time and I wonder where on earth she has gotten it from. She asked if Jesus was in "her boys'" hearts. I said yes but that didn't seem to make a difference.

Sunday night we went to the Winter Jam tour. She loves music so she was in heaven. During one part of the evening, in particular, as she sat on my husband's lap, she had her hands raised. Praising Jesus. She wasn't doing this with one eye open looking around. She had her hands raised, her head thrown back and her little Chinese eyes squinted shut real hard. She was really into it. This mommy was thrilled!

Last night at church, we had a prayer meeting. At the end of the meeting we all gathered up front to pray for each other. As we stood there she said, "Mommy, Jesus walked into my heart." I was stunned. Completely on her own...she had experienced Jesus. Being the good little Pentecostal girl she is...she was testifying!

This brings me to tonight. We were again singing her bedtime songs. I asked what she wanted me to sing and she said, "red and yellow, black and white." As I completed that one I went straight into "Jesus Loves Me", a song that has comforted her since the first day we laid eyes on her. Upon completion, she looked at me and said, "Is Jesus still in my Heart?" Oh yes! "Did He walk into my heart?" Yes. "Why does He want to live there? Does He live in your heart?" Yes! "In Daddy's heart?" Yes. "In...." you get the picture. She went through everyone in the house. After answering yes to all, she asked a stunning question, "Mommy, why is Jesus looking for us?"

I had to catch my breath. Why is He looking for us? Because He loves us so much. With tears in my eyes, I did the best I could to explain to an almost 4 year old just how much He loves her.

He loves you. He loves me. He is looking for us because He loves us. Stop running from Him. Open up your heart. He wants to walk on in.

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