Sunday Snapshot

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the Singer's home!
Thanksgiving is over and the decorations went up.
But, as we started pulling out the decorations in one room
the food was being prepared in another room.
Traditions as Little Burritos, Seven Layer Dip, Cheese Dip & Chips!

Meanwhile, the basics of the tree start to go on. 
Ira gets to help! How exciting!!

Here, Mason and Ira string the ribbon!

Not quite sure, but I'm thinking Jordan is wondering what is going on! 
But, he's cute wondering...

Evan and Mia checking out the homemade decorations from years past.

 Jordan getting in on the ribbon action with big brother Mason!

And Ira...sportin' the peace sign. He seemed to enjoy himself!

Mia loves to hang the ornaments!

Evan trimming the tree!

More decorating!

Stockings were hung by the chimney with care!

 And Ira gets to put the finishing touch on the tree...our angel!


And the second tree--with all the homemade ornaments!

Stringing up the lights!

And the finished product!

I got such a good workout putting up new hooks for the outdoor lights, that my tummy hurts a bit today! But, I love making memories with the kids...all the hard work is well worth it!
Unfortunately, I got no pictures of Tim this year...he was in the kitchen cooking up all the goods and taking most of the pictures! 
He's such an amazing man!
And my kids are awesome!

I am extremely blessed this Christmas Season!

Sunday Snapshot

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Jennifer said...

Awesome! :) Ira looks so happy!

jamiejoy said...

Love your pictures! And your tree is beautiful! We haven't got our tree up yet but I do have the whole house tore apart with decor waiting to be placed. =)

Fawn said...

Beautiful! We need to get on it if we're going to put up decorations this year. I love the tradition of little burritos and seven layer dip (although it did make me hungry just now :)).

Sennie said...

Wonderful decorations! We are going to be in our RV this Christmas, or maybe at my sister's, so our Christmas decorations will be our Advent Calendars. Come to think of it, I need to go hang them in the RV - tomorrow is December 1st!
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