New Year's Resolution...just a little look back with anticipation for the future!

Where to start...

It's been a long time. I would like to say that a lot has changed since I last wrote. And so I will...

After living with an exchange student for 8 months, Ira left us to travel back home to China. He is now attending school in Maine and plans to come back to visit us during Spring Break! We miss him!! He brought something to our home that was different...authentic Chinese food! HA! Seriously though, there are many things about him that we miss. I think Mason really misses having him around!

After living in the same town as my parents for fifteen years, they decided to move...away! They decided to resign their job in order to get closer to my sister and their destination for retirement. We miss them. It was great to have Grammi and Grampy near. They had always been around our kids and very involved in their lives. That's very different now.

After being a "youth pastor's wife" for the last fifteen years...I'm now the "pastor's wife." (More on that later... When my parents resigned their position as lead pastors, Tim and I were elected. It all happened so quickly...I think I'm just now in a regular breathing pattern. It's a whole new ball game! But we are loving every minute of it.

During our crazy transition time...did I mention all the above happened within 2 weeks of each other?...we experienced another transition. We had the privilege of having a young lady in our home for a few months. We knew it to be a "God-thing" and wouldn't change our experience. It taught us all a lot. She moved back in with her grandparents the first of November. So, we are back to a family of 6! We quite enjoy our loud, crazy family. I wouldn't trade any of them! Even the one who has grown over a foot in the last year in the last eight months! Or the one who still loves to cuddle...shhhh...don't tell him I told you! Or our little Diva who is in school now and loving every minute of it!

I'm still in school and thrilled to be in my final stretch. I attended a women's conference called Designed For Life. During that time, I really felt that God was telling me this was my time to move on some things I believe He has called me to. So, as we enter this new year, I'm excited to see what happens. I have great expectations for this year.

I pray that I have the wisdom and strength to face all that is headed our way. With the economy and our world on shaky ground...I'm so glad I know who holds my future in His hands! I hope and pray that you are holding onto Him today! So long as we do...we're headed into an exciting future!!

Dreaming Big!

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