Sunday Snapshot

Sunday Snapshot

Today (because yesterday was nuts) I am writing my Sunday Snapshot! 

I choose, today to write about my 3rd born son, Jordan.

Look at that cute face!

Jordan was a surprise to me...not a mistake...nope! Most definitely part of God's plan for our lives. I just wasn't expecting to find out I was pregnant when my middle son was 4 months old. 

Jordan came into our world with a comb-over! He had a TON of hair! He still does!! 
A hairdresser told us one time Jordan had more hair per square inch of his head than anyone 
he had ever seen. :) Wish I had a picture handy to put here so you could see the nearly 5 inches we cut from the top of his head at 10 months old! 

Jordan is...well...

shall I say...

somewhat of a clown??

He wants to be an actor...seriously!

This kid wants to be famous someday! 
And, I'm totally ok with that...
so long as he uses it for God's glory!!

He has always been a snuggler!

One who demands your attention!

He is still VERY MUCH this way!
While watching a family movie you will most likely find him sitting on his daddy's lap!

Did I mention these pictures were all taken years ago...he is now 11!
This is Jordan now!

When he found out we were planning to adopt,!
Quite angry actually! 
But we prayed!

He didn't want to lose his position as the baby!
You see, not much would change for Mason, the first born,
or Evan, the middle child.

But, Jordan...he felt he would no longer be the baby!

I knew when God had changed his heart!
He asked me one day,
"Mom, when we get Mia, can I bring her to school for show-n-tell?"

That's how I knew
God had changed his heart.
And to this day,
he is the one who watches her the closest,
gets frustrated with her the most,
but babies the "new" baby for sure!

This is one of my favorite pictures.

Taken in the hotel room in China.
Look at that! 
She adored him!
Trusted him completely...
after only 4 days!
He was smitten!

Even though he is no longer a momma's boy
he still snuggles with me some.
Not as much as with dad
but that's ok.

I'm so thankful that our kids 
have a wonderful relationship
with their dad.
It really shows in Jordan!
My baby boy...forever!

He's my favorite!
I hope he knows that!

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